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Beverly Baskin, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Career Counselor, Master Career Counselor
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Are you looking for a resume writing service including a career counselor, coach, and job search specialist?  Well, you have come to the right website.  BBCS Counseling and Resumewriternj have been helping clients for more than 17 years developing professional resumes, cover letters and performing career marketing.  In fact we are the premier resume writers in NJ and are known throughout the United States.  We can help you globally on line, by Skype or Face Time, and of course in person in our three offices in New Jersey.

Beverly Baskin and Mitch Baskin have had resumes published in over 30 books and are professional resume writers who know the current workplace demands and are able to market your career successfully.  This means  that you get more interviews, are on the correct search engines for your career and industry, and that your resume is found through the proper key words and branding words.

Your resume is your advertisement and we certainly get your noticed in a very professional and realistic way.  When an employer glances at the resumes that we develop, he or she knows that you are very proficient at many skills and abilities to meet the demanding workplace.  This is because we take the time to talk with you extensively on how you want to be repackaged.  A professional resume writer will speak with you about your accomplishments of the past and weave that into the document so that the achievements will be useful for the future.  A well written resume is a forward accomplishment -oriented marketing tool that will make the prospective employer call you to find out more information… and to interview you in person!

There is a fine line related to adding too much verbiage on the resume or too little.  There are buzz words for each industry.  Mitch and Beverly Baskin, working as part of a team, both help you to help yourself in the job market BBCS and resumewriternj services are geared towards your natural positives.  Even if you don’t think you have accomplishments, let a resume writer pull out the good in you…you need someone who can see what you have to offer, even if your boss cannot!  Your current job might just not be a good fit.  Now is the time to get a second opinion from two great resume writers in NJ!  Call us or email us.  We would be happy to talk with you and see how we can be of use to you; tell us about your situation.  800-300-4079 or bev@bbcscounseling.com  or Mitch@bbcscounseling.com

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Feelings about Job Loss

020409_1431_0144_llhsAccording to the Social Adjustment Scale by Holmes, job loss is the one of the top three stressors in a person’s life. People often have feelings similar to those of grieving or mourning and listed below are the stages of grief:

1) Shock
2) Denial
3) Anger
4) Bargaining – Asking the company to take you back
5) Isolation
6) Depression
7) Finally – Acceptance, Reintegration, and Renewal

Please Note: Every person has his or her own time table as to when they reach the stage of acceptance. People go through a roller coaster ride of emotions in no particular order, and at different times of the job search process. The important thing to remember is that all of these feelings are normal and part of the grieving process associated with any type of loss. If you are wondering what is “normal” in terms of your emotions, or you are having emotions that are taking a toll on you or your family, you may want to discuss your feelings with a professional counselor.

Choices Regarding Reemployment

  • Same Job, Same Industry
  • Same Job, Different Industry
  • Different Job, Different Industry
  • Owning Your Own Business

Your Ideal Job: Ability plus enjoyment = Strength
Your interests and abilities intersect with the current marketplace

Some Tips…

• Think of at least 50 contacts – a contact is someone who knows a lot of people, not necessarily someone who is in your industry. A contact is a friend, neighbor, doctor, dentist, travel agent, etc.
• When speaking to potential networking contacts, instead of asking for a job, try to ask for help and suggestions. In this way, even if there aren’t any jobs available in the company, the person can help you by giving you the names of two or three people that he or she knows.
• Instead of asking for a favor, ask for a person’s advice.
• Set small, reachable goals for yourself.
• Email a thank you note after an interview.
• If you want to talk with a hiring authority on the telephone, (other than personnel) you might have a better chance of speaking with him or her if you call before 9 AM or after 5 PM.
• Remember to be good to yourself: Exercise, eat right; try to put “balance” into your personal life. You will survive this transition, and perhaps you might obtain a higher paying position.


At the start of 2015—Some Thoughts about Transitions

Happy New Year to all of my readers! Transitions always start with endings…..some examples are ending of 2014 with singing “Old Lang Zyne”, ending of one’s schooling with graduation ceremonies, ending a marriage by finalizing a divorce, and ending a job through layoffs, retirement or the job was just not a good fit. Ironically, even though most people resist transitions, when a change takes place, your start a new beginning…and a new transition.

Here are the stages of any transition, personal and/or career:

1) saying goodbye
2) letting go
3) neutral zone
4) inwardly starting a new life.

Living with what you don’t know is the heart of living with transition. It will catapult you to the next stage. The counselors at BBCS Counseling are familiar with transitions and are privileged to help our clients navigate them.

I wish you joy in 2015…new beginnings…starting fresh and discovering more about your life’s journey.


For the Candidate: Your Partner, Spouse or Significant Other May be Eligible for Career Relocation Services when you accept a new job

For the Partner: Has your spouse accepted a new job offer?
Now you and your children have to move and start new lives,
new jobs, “find new community activities and resources…What about your career?

Now that we are in the second half of 2014, the economy is growing stronger and new job openings are happening rapidly all across the country. Professionals are more confident that their new job offers will lead to corporate and personal growth.

Candidates are now accepting jobs in different states and some new job offers are located globally, out of the country. However, what happens when your spouse or significant other has to give up their job because of your transition?

With dual career families, there is an excellent solution to that issue, notes Beverly and Mitch Baskin, Executive Directors of BBCS Counseling. It is called Spouse Relocation Services and the staff at BBCS have been helping corporations help their new employees and their families with Spouse Relocation for many years.

Sometimes the employee who accepts the new job out of State or out of commuting distance of their partners’ job has to ask for these services because the new company does not realize that their partner is being affected or has never done this before for an employee. That does not mean that they would not be open to it. Just show them this blog entry and explain your situation.

Other companies who are known to be family friendly traditionally give the Spouse Relocation Services as part of the new job package. They hire BBCS to help the partner with learning how the new location can support them getting a new job or a new career that will fit their interests, personality at this stage of life, their values, and their workplace preferences. Sometimes spouses or partners consider this move “a new beginning” not only for their partners who have received a job offer, but for them as well.

Our knowledgeable staff will also help with finding educational and school resources for the children, new home resources and real estate brokers, and religious and community resources to ease their move to a new city. We can also do this remotely because we have various research protocols around the country.

Spouse Relocation Services Work.

We use a three prong approach to spousal transition that includes counseling and support; career continuation services, and community resource services. The process is highly effective and relieves a lot of stress for the family.

Please call BBCS Counseling, and ask for Executive Directors, Mitch and Beverly Baskin for more information concerning Spouse Relocation Services.

Six Reasons Why I Would Hire You

719038In her article “Six Reasons I Would Hire You,” Cindi Leive* states that interviewers will be impressed with the following six traits:

  1. You have done your homework about the company
  2. You have passions both professionally and personally about things you care about
  3. You look pulled together and look like you want the job in your appearance.
  4. You can think on your feet—a “relax, I have this” attitude when something goes wrong.
  5. You did not talk badly about your past employer
  6. You ask for the job….”This position sounds perfect. I’d love to work here.”

*Cindy Leive is the Editor in Chief of Glamour magazine.

 BBCS – Baskin Career Counseling offers Career Counseling Services, New Jersey (NJ) and Nationwide for individual and Corporate Clients/Outplacement and Career Coaching . If you are looking for resume writers in the NJ area or anywhere in the USA, we are also pleased to assist you with these professional services as well. Please visit our main site at www.baskincareer.com. – See more at: http://resumewriternj.com

Career Decision Making Hats

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-six-thinking-hats-illustration-image35977096Here are some ways to help with Facilitating Decision Making with regards to career. 🙂

Creative career decision makers wear six thinking hats: blue, white red, black, yellow and green. Try to see yourself wearing each of these hats and brainstorm in that mode. You will come up with a lot of information that you can use to help you move forward and/or embrace change or stay on the path that you are on now.

White: Looks at only facts about self and situation (i.e., careers, relationship, living situation, life stage transitional issues).

Red: Relies on intuition and follows unjustified hunches.

Black: Figures out why things do not work; is pessimistic and critical.

Yellow: Is optimistic; figures out why things will work.

Green: Brainstorms new alternatives; looks at problems differently.

Blue: Is rational.


 BBCS – Baskin Career Counseling offers Career Counseling Services, New Jersey (NJ) and Nationwide for individual and Corporate Clients/Outplacement and Career Coaching . If you are looking for resume writers in the NJ area or anywhere in the USA, we are also pleased to assist you with these professional services as well. Please visit our main site at www.baskincareer.com. – See more at: http://resumewriternj.com